Yellow golden lady's ring

This ring is composed of the wedding ring of a deceased husband, some ashes and his parents' wedding rings. The ring is composed of two threads of gold, one round and one square. The husband, symbolised by the square thread, eternally embraces his wife, as symbolised by the round thread. 

White gold pendant with sapphires, an ice blue diamond and a freshwater pearl

This white gold pendant breathes new life into five blue sapphires taken from a family heirloom bracelet, The sapphires were combined with an ice blue, brilliant cut diamond and a grey blue freshwater pearl from China.

White gold cufflinks

In order to capture the transition from childhood into adulthood, the parents gave their son two white gold cufflinks for his 18th birthday. The round open tube and the sealed square symbolise the duality of early manhood. 

Silver plate ring with a ball of recycled gold

If you don't wear the gold inherited from one of your parents, but still want to cherish it, Clint crafts countless contemporary solutions. For this ring, she cast old gold into a sphere and combined it with silver. 

Yellow gold sheet ring with diamonds

A sheet ring can breath new life into old gold. The old jewelry is melted before being rolled into a sheet. This ring offered a new home to five brilliant cut diamonds.

Yellow gold wedding ring crafted from old gold

This ring contains three generations. When the mother heard her daughter was getting married, she responded by taking off her ring, composed from her parents' wedding rings, and stated, ‘Please make your ring with this gold.’

Bicolour wedding rings fitted with a diamond

Combine old gold and wedding rings and you’ll have a match made in heaven. Alliance with each other and with each other's origins can be expressed very tangibly in a jewel. The husband's wedding ring consists of the yellow gold from his mother’s and grandmother’s wedding rings, both passed away. The piece of white gold stems from the his wife´s engagement ring. Her wedding ring contains the rest of this engagement ring and is merged with her father´s wedding ring.