White gold ring with a Tahiti-pearl and two diamonds

A 14-carat palladium white gold string ring with a multicoloured Tahiti pearl (peacock coloured) and two brilliant cut diamonds.

White gold rings with diamonds and a freshwater pearl

The ball rings are made of palladium white gold. One is made of a palladium white goldsphere and pinkish brown coloured brilliant cut diamonds. The other is fitted with a lavender coloured freshwater pearl. 

Amethyst necklace with a lavender coloured freshwater pearl

An amethyst bead string with a lavender coloured freshwater pearl. The string has a palladium white gold decorative catch. 

White gold earrings with amethyst and lavender coloured freshwater pearls

A pair of 14-carat palladium white gold earrings with amethyst balls and lavender coloured teardrop-shaped freshwater pearls.

Yellow gold ring with pearl and quartz spheres

A 14-carat yellow gold string ring fitted with a gold coloured South Sea pearl and a quartz ball with rutile needles.

White gold sapphire and diamond pendant

An 18-carat palladium white gold pendant with a rose gold pendant loop. The pendant has four naturally coloured sapphires and brilliant cut diamonds. 

Multicoloured freshwater pearl necklace with a yellow gold ball and two diamonds

A naturally coloured multicolour freshwater pearl string with a solid 14-carat yellow gold ball. The yellow gold ball is fitted with two pink hued brilliant cut diamonds. The bayonet catch is incorporated in the yellow gold ball.

Tahiti pearls and black diamonds necklace

A necklace created with five Tahiti pearls and black diamonds. The bayonet catch of 18-carat white gold is embedded in one of the Tahiti pearls.