Her designs symbolise the combination of her talent and the client's personal desires. She is able to translate the client's emotion to a stylish piece of jewelry. She understands the art of representing the essence because she listens to the client. She is an artist who can express herself in various materials. MORE She very passionately talks about her profession (you can hear it in her tone of voice, in her words, and see it in her face). My pearl necklace: my grandmother used to say ‘We give you roots as a basis to stand on and wings to discover.' You have created a sense of unity of modern streamlined forms 'moving' with a piece of my Scottish roots. My pearl ring shows the power of simplicity, purity, perfection and symmetry. My ring with my granny's 'Zeeuws knopje' (old-fashioned Dutch piece of jewelry): modern and traditional shapes meet each other in a new generation (simple shape of the ball ring with fine details of the knopje that suit the present time).