This year we’ll be married for 25 years. My husband wanted to give me something for this anniversary and thought of jewellery right away. However, this is something rather personal and I can be very picky. Back then in 1990, we wanted a gold wedding ring but after 25 years I got bored with gold. Nowadays, most of the time I wear silver jewellery. I wanted to do something different to my old wedding ring. Some say ‘you have to keep your marriage exciting after that many years’, so I wanted the ring to be revamped and exciting too. I was thinking of a wrap ring. I saw it once before and I loved it. I wanted my ring to be wrapped in silver, as 25 years of marriage is a silver anniversary.
I found out about Clint by word of mouth and we discussed my idea. She was thinking of a ring and some sort of bird’s nest. We both felt good about this design immediately. And how applicable: in those 25 years I’ve built a comfy nest with two wonderful children and a very lovable husband, with whom I can share another 25 years at least.
Cooperating with Clint was very agreeable. She is open to ideas and sometimes gives it an unexpected twist, so you gain new insights. Nevertheless you have all the liberty to decide differently without any obligations. It’s you who has to be in love with it, so you will wear it.
I am wearing the ring on a daily basis and no matter how I wear it, each side looks different (and consequently exciting).
In brief: SUPERB CLINT! I am very pleased with it and our cooperation was very enjoyable.