For my 50th birthday, my closest friends and family allowed me to choose a ring as a lasting memory. As I hardly ever change my jewellery, it had to be a ring I could wear on a daily basis and to any occasion. In addition, it had to be very exceptional, not ten a penny. That’s all I could define. I browsed at jeweller shops, but not a single ring caught my eye with the feeling: ‘That’s the one!’. I then browsed on the Internet for ‘ring, simple, unusual’ and found a ring with a fresh water pearl by Atelier Clint. I immediately knew that this was the style I was looking for. Even though Atelier Clint is located on the other side of the country, the pictures of her wonderful work and the powerful reviews on her site gave me the confidence to meet up with Clint. Such a warm welcome! Clint took all the time in the world and understood where I was going. She allowed me space; if it wouldn’t click between us or if I wouldn’t be convinced by the design, I would be free to leave and go on with my quest. As if you would want to part with Clint… The result is marvellous. The ring is made of my old gold, such as my baby ring and some necklaces I didn’t wear anymore or that were broken and tucked away in a drawer. I’m wearing the ring every day and I always enjoy looking at it. I often think: ‘It’s wonderful that I ended up at Clint’s!’