Nathalie - 31-05-2013

I have known you for three years and right from the start I was captivated by both you and your jewellery. I wanted to give my mother something extra special for her 60th birthday. I told you: “Clint, we will make a ring”. But the how and the what exactly was still unclear. This year we finally...


Anja - 01-05-2013

Clint has made a very ingenious ring out of my parents' old gold. The tricoloured Tahiti-pearl seems to fall through the hole in the triangle shape and rest on my finger. That suggestion makes the ring very captivating.
Clint explained to me she can do only two things with melted old gold...


Marijke - 13-04-2013

One and a half years ago I met Clint for the first time as my old ring was worn-out.
The ring meant a lot to me, so I wanted it to be transformed into something special. I was looking for a goldsmith and found out that there was a studio just around the corner: Clint's.
We made a...


Pauline - 15-12-2012

Her designs symbolise the combination of her talent and the client's personal desires. She is able to translate the client's emotion to a stylish piece of jewelry. She understands the art of representing the essence because she listens to the client. She is an artist who can express herself in...


Liesbeth - 15-06-2010

Catchwords that describe you: a woman of feeling, creative, patient, effective, and wonderful. Let me explain. You unerringly sense what is expected from you and quickly see what matches the client's desires. You promptly think along creatively during the conversation. Your samples of work make...


Annemieke - 05-09-2005

Clint has made our wedding rings. I had an idea myself and Clint worked it out. She came up with the original idea to make the rings a bit thicker than usual. She engaged us in each step of the process.  MORE We have tried on the rings several times to determine the right size and thickness. We...