Charles - 14-08-2013

What is there to write about a goldsmith who has just made you a ring and requests you to write a review.
Of course, it should be about the final result and I have to say: the ring turned out to be very beautiful and the responses are very positive. But despite the fact that Clint creates...


Danielle - 12-08-2013

Being a single mom I wanted to have a ring created that would symbolize the trinity of me and my two boys and my unconditional love for them. The result is a wonderful silver ring with two triskelions and a blue sapphire, and of course the names of my boys inscribed on the inside. It is a ring...


Marian - 08-08-2013

I have known Clint since she was a little girl.
I had a pair of white gold earrings I accidentally stepped on. The jeweller I went to see, couldn't or didn't want to repair them. Then it came to me: maybe Clint can help me out. And so she could…
When picking up the mended earrings...


Annerieke - 27-06-2013

When my husband Gerrit had been cremated, I was told that there are ways of incorporating his ashes in a jewel. At that moment I was not ready at all. I resolved that once I could cope with it, to have Clint create something.
I didn't quite know what I wanted. I did know it had to be a...


Leny - 07-06-2013

An accidental acquaintance at a very special party where you gave a presentation of your work.
I was struck by the passion you showed about your profession and decided to contact you later on.
I had inherited some jewels that were broken or not contemporary and did not suit my...


Francisca - 05-06-2013

Clint, many many thanks again for this enormous surprise. With the butterfly as a subject you (you and my daughter Nathalie) got right down to the essentials of the mother-daughter relationship. Also by inscribing the words that mean so much to us. SUPERB. I am very proud of this ring; I have...