Dorine - 23-12-2013

A while ago my parents left me an inheritance.
I wanted to put this to good use and I had always longed for a necklace, bracelet and ring that matched.
Together we put some ideas on the drawing table.
You got weaving, and after a few times of getting together for the perfect...


Els - 22-11-2013

I wanted a ring with a beautiful pearl set in a tight strip, but I had no idea yet if the ring had to be made of white or yellow gold.
The first time I met Clint was at a lady’s event I once attended. I immediately fell for her wonderful jewelry. That night I saw a pair of fabulous...


Elly - 04-11-2013

It has become such a beauty...
I have worked in health care and education for 45 years and have recently decided to close this book. In addition to a nice farewell party and all that is included, I wanted to mark this moment with something special… something personal… a jewel.


Corrinne - 21-10-2013

After having read many references on this site, I recognise many things. The listening, the peace of mind to find out what it is you want exactly even though you don't quite know it yet yourself, the thinking along. Such empathy is unthinkable from a 'common' jeweller…
Clint has...


Willy & Renate - 06-09-2013

After having shopped at several jewellers and not having succeeded, a colleague referred us to Atelier Clint. From the first acquaintance on we felt very good about this choice. After we had talked about the design in our second appointment, we were certain: she is going to make our wedding...


Renate - 05-09-2013

I wanted to give my mother something to express my gratitude for everything. Something that stands for the bond we have as a mother and daughter. But what...? Well, it was very difficult. Luckily Clint helped me out with the great idea of an eternal knot. Clint made it in a way that my mother...