Margreet - 28-06-2014

On the occasion of achieving a special milestone I received a ring made by Clint. Through word of mouth I had already browsed through Clint’s site and had become excited and curious.
I already knew what type of ring I had always wanted…. I also knew how I was going to wear the “new” ring...


Eefke - 20-06-2014

When we knew we were getting married, it was only logical that Clint was to make our wedding rings. At the time, Clint was a sociable lady who was very self-consciously and passionately designing her own ideas. By now, Clint is a lady who is making her dream come true and is still developing...


Gerry - 16-06-2014

Receiving a ring from a special friend is very unique. You want it to be special and you want it to reflect the friendship. Initially I started out looking at various rings, but I couldn´t find anything that suited the occasion.

I called Clint and she went along with me to see my friend...


Louise - 02-04-2014

Clint, the first time I saw you was at one of your presentations about pearls. You spoke of the pearls with so much dedication and passion that it convinced me to do this.

For a while I had been playing with the idea to melt together my mothers’ rings, which I had safely stored away for...


Yvette - 07-02-2014

I hadn't been wearing a number of pearl jewels because they were broken. A friend of mine recommended to take those jewels to Clint for her to inquire into possible repair. Clint told me an inspiring story about pearls indicating not only her expertise, but also her passion about her work....


Tiny - 25-01-2014

Often, when you inherit your father´s large wedding ring, it ends up somewhere in a drawer. Each time you open this drawer, you see the ring again and you wonder what to do with it.  Until the day a colleague of my husband's, Clint's brother, tipped us to pay Clint a visit. After a warm welcome...