Bart & Hilde - 06-06-2015

It’s so great to have been surrounded by loving people before and during our wedding. For sure, you were one of them. You have helped us in a very professional, but also passionate and loving way. It’s just fantastic listening to you talk about your profession. You’re a goldsmith in heart and...


Tommie & Anita - 01-04-2015

The first time I met you was on Facebook where I saw the wonderful and special jewellery you make. We were intrigued and I posted you a direct message via Facebook. I asked if we could see some of your jewellery in real life.

I visited you together with my daughter and you gave us the...


Wesley & Esther - 28-03-2015

After we had looked at various wedding rings, we quickly discovered that both of us wanted rings that were out of the ordinary. The idea was born to have our rings made by a goldsmith and where better than in our own village, at Atelier Clint’s.

Our first acquaintance was in a very...


Tiny - 24-02-2015

It’s almost a pity that our rings are finished now

After my husband quite suddenly passed away after his operation, we were deeply grieved and many things had to be taken care of quickly. The funeral home asked us if we wanted his fingerprint to commemorate him. We did, but then we didn’t...


Jerry & Heidi - 05-09-2014

After some research, we knocked on your studio’s door with a request that was special to us. We wanted our wedding rings to be redesigned incorporating a new bit: new happiness!
We immediately felt at home with you.
We could feel your enthusiasm, your creativity and your...


Toby - 24-07-2014

Finally it’s my turn to write something about Clint’s work.
I met this professional lady because she was looking for someone to translate her website and she approached me. That’s why I also read all the references on this site that...