Myrene - 15-12-2015

This year we’ll be married for 25 years. My husband wanted to give me something for this anniversary and thought of jewellery right away. However, this is something rather personal and I can be very picky. Back then in 1990, we wanted a gold wedding ring but after 25 years I got bored with gold...


Ans - 29-10-2015

My first experience with Atelier Clint was very special. In particular meeting Clint in person was extraordinary. She talks of her passion with so much love and enthusiasm. This does not only typify a wonderful craftswoman, but also a creative spirit who has a very inspiring way of working and...


Bianca - 16-10-2015

On October 16 2014 I had to put my racehorse Golden Lady to sleep. This was a very intense experience. She had been part of my life for 20 years and we had a very special connection. I wanted a piece of jewellery containing hair from Lady’s tail and combined with the symbol for infinity. This...


Annemiek - 12-10-2015

I am so pleased that I got to know Atelier Clint. The personal attention and the welcome are fantastic. If you aim to quickly get a piece of jewellery, Atelier Clint is not for you.

In close consultation a personal choice is made, suiting your taste and your style. She consults you, but...


Fleur - 10-10-2015

From commission to ring

I think you handle your profession the proper way. You have a keen eye on what type of jewel suits a person. And you’re very open. You make something unique out of every commission. Something that suits the character and personal appearance, which is different for...


Margot - 20-07-2015

For my 50th birthday, my closest friends and family allowed me to choose a ring as a lasting memory. As I hardly ever change my jewellery, it had to be a ring I could wear on a daily basis and to any occasion. In addition, it had to be very exceptional, not ten a penny. That’s all I could define...