Goldsmith Clint van Schaik is the owner of Atelier Clint. The activities of her studio are based on three separate cornerstones:
Made by Clint
Designing and producing unique jewelry.
Wear Clint
Producing her own line, to be sold via the webshop and at selected retailers.
Follow Clint
Arranging presentations and public viewings for insight into the profession and the materials.
Clint has gained a wealth of experience from a great variety of jobs in this field. From the very start she acquainted herself with the profession in the broadest sense. In the course of time she learned to appreciate both classic and modern jewelry. She is, in fact, constantly challenging herself to find that ultimate synthesis.
In the course of this journey, the people with whom she works are of great importance. She sources pearls from her own supplier. He is a gemmologist who travels around the world hunting items of the highest quality that meet the exacting standards of the renowned brand Schoeffel. And then there is the diamond dealer who cooperates with her on matters of colour and size, and instructs her to never compromise on the quality of the cut.
In addition to these special suppliers, Clint has a select group of colleagues with whom she exchanges ideas, a unique asset in this profession. In this manner, she keeps her mind sharp and fresh to always guarantee a product of the highest quality.